Retrieving, Restoring, Receiving the Passion and Purpose in your life…

At the very core of your being, you are pure soul – the true you that holds your unique Essence.

Your Essence is an expression of your most authentic self: your passions & talents (what you love and what you’re good at), your life-affirming values, your drive-to-thrive, and the potential you hold to live a life that gives you meaning and fulfillment. Your Essence is who you are underneath all the roles you play in life.

When you are in alignment with your Essence, you become your Soul Expression – a person embodying the unique core of who you are.

But when areas of your life present dissatisfaction, unmanageable stress, depression, anxiety, lack of meaning, or you find yourself going through a major transition (like with your career, relationships, health/lifestyle, mood, or your sense of purpose) – expressions of the “true you”, and your ability to experience joy and well-being can seem pretty far away.

That’s where I come in. I’m Andra Evans, founder of Soul Expressions. I help people navigate life journey changes and spiritual awakenings. I offer a “Sabbatical for Your Soul™”, a revealing journey of self-discovery that helps you reclaim lost parts of yourself, and get really clear on what’s most important for leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

So if you are struggling with the stresses of life – work, family, relationships, health – or feel burned out, lost, and have a growing desire to explore your spirituality, heal and change things up, reach out. I’ll help you get unstuck, reclaim your creativity, spirit and power, and activate a renewed sense of purpose, so you can move forward with confidence and energy, with resources that promote health on ALL levels.

Please read my personal invitation and check out some of the pages here, then let’s connect.

And if you are feeling really stuck, click here – you’ve waited long enough.

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